Police officer says "F**k You is my name" when man asks

A police officer in Decatur identified himself as "Fuck You is my name" when asked by the innocent, handcuffed black man he was getting angry with.

Dizzy Dez writes about the cops turning up outside his home:

[Another officer] immediately started to place me in handcuffs and attempted to search me. I asked her was I being detained, she says no but proceeds to put me in handcuffs as I ask then why am I being cuffed?! Stating I don't consent to any searches nor seizures that are unlawful, I wasn't searched. So while this is going on two other officers pull up, She places Artist/photographer/ graphic designer( Sa'Von Hobbs )in cuffs and proceeds to search him. He proves he has a permit for the weapon he was holding and we confirm I wasn't being held hostage. The female officer then asks for my info. And I refuse because I was being detained unlawfully and there was no need for my ID. She then says she knows I have a wallet in my pocket and I say yes I do but I don't consent to being searched. She then says she's going to search me anyways and starts to pull me up off the curb by my arm and reaches in my pocket and opens my wallet getting my information and calling it in. At the end of the day nobody can tell me what's wrong with this officer, it's like he was mad that he couldn't violate my rights! The video starts and this happens.

As a person of Italian descent, I can confirm that it's a traditional clan from the Pontremoli area of Tuscany. I have cousins who married into the Fuck Yous.

Seriously, though, just watch how angry and threatening the cop gets when the detainee establishes his rights and starts asking difficult questions. This is the tip of Officer Fuck You's iceberg.