'How I built a 4,000 gallon Koi Pond,' DIY fishpond project (photos)

Holy crap this is the most ambitious 'hey I think I'll build a fishpond' project I've ever seen.

IMGURian @jcardona1 shares this incredible step by step photo gallery, and starts with the finished product:

You can't have a DIY post without showing the finished product first so here it is! This is the koi pond as of a few days ago. Still have a few projects to wrap up and some finish landscaping but it's mostly complete for now. Been running for almost 4 months now and the fish are doing great.

About the photo below, they say: "In a few years these baby water cows will be full-on meat torpedoes."

Now, here are the first three steps of the project:

Go check out the whole gallery, with shot-by-shot commentary.

Hats off, this is a great HOWTO post, and it's a lot of fun to keep koi.

I used to keep koi, in a suburban but wild-hills-adjacent part of the East Bay in the SF Bay Area. Coyotes were always finding a way to come in and eat them, though.

How I built a 4,000 gallon Koi Pond