Travel and converse anywhere in the world with this Lonely Planet bundle

The world can seem pretty splintered these days through the narrow lens of the internet, but all it takes is the right conversation in a distant cafe or remote mountain trail to show how much we have in common. For years, the professional globetrotters at Lonely Planet have been facilitating that feeling with guides that give travelers crucial info on lodging, customs, and entertainment with a personal touch.

No matter where you go, Lonely Planet has been there, gone off the beaten path and back – and nowhere is that more evident than in the Lonely Planet & Transparent Language Bundle. This massive online package of travel guides and language tutorials is essential for budding world travelers, especially now that the entire thing is on sale for potentially pennies in a pay-what-you-want deal.

Lonely Planet has been well-regarded for their travel guides since the 70s, and this bundle supplements all that inside info with some very intuitive language lessons. The primers from Transparent teach you how to speak like a native with a multifaceted approach that incorporates interactive text, audio cues, gaming and a host of visual stimuli. The full bundle gets you Transparent language lessons in French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Thai and many more.

Once you're ready to put your newfound fluency into practice, there's a ton of Lonely Planet guides that show you where to do it. In all, there's 13 countries featured in the bundle – several with multiple writeups. You'll get full-fledged travel guides that highlight the best things to do in all the best cities, plus pocket guides that give you hotel prices, exchange rates, neighborhood maps and other essential info at a glance for cities like Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, and Rome. There's even a series of "From the Source" guides that provide street-level restaurant recommendations from local chefs plus recipes that allow you to bring some of that flavor home.

The entire package has 39 lessons and resources that encompass 13 countries. Name your price for the Lonely Planet & Transparent Language Bundle and those who beat the average price will take home the entire thing – but any bid gets you a partial package.