Coffee cups made from coffee grounds

Back in 2011, I bought a new countertop made from "Curface," a composite material made from a mix of melted down used coffee cups and coffee grounds; we still have it and it's wearing beautifully — you can treat it like solid wood, sanding off imperfections and oiling it back up to a shine; or you can treat it like a polymer and treat it with waxes like Turtle Wax for a durable finish.

Unfortunately, Curface is no more, but the idea of using coffee grounds as a cellulosic base for aggregates lives on; a German company called Kaffeeform is making coffee cups out of grinds suspended in resin — everything from go-cups to demitasses, espresso cups, and latte cups.

Their marketing material notes that "The cups are very durable, light, and have a mild smell of coffee."


(via Red Ferret)