The rotating head on this screwdriver lets you work anywhere

As long as there are cabinets to be fixed or cheap dressers to assemble, you're going to encounter screws in tight corners where a screwdriver just won't fit. It's enough to make you give up on any project, which is why the Flip Out Rechargeable Screwdriver is poised to be the go-to tool in any household kit.

A rotating head isn't the only trick this tool has up its sleeve, but it's a big one. You can adjust two different points of articulation easily through 360 degrees of orbital rotation. All told, it can be configured into 380 different positions, enough to tackle any screw no matter how hard to reach. There's also a pivoting LED light on the head that allows you to see into that dark corner you're working on.

Behind that innovative head is a powerful brushless motor that can deliver up to 65 inch-pounds of torque, adjustable by way of the pressure-sensitive trigger. And the 8-volt Lithium Ion battery can be charged up to full power in 45 minutes, so you'll never be without this helping hand for long.

Pick up the Flip Out Rechargeable Screwdriver & Bit Set for $29.99, a full 33% off the original price.