Self-driving car jargon

Bruce Sterling republishes the acronyms in a recent Daimler white-paper on self-driving cars:

Advanced Driver Assistance System
Automated Driving System
Automotive Safety Integrity Level
Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center AUTOmotive Open System Architecture
Computer Emergency Response Team Central Processing Unit
Car Park Pilot
Cyclic Redundancy Check
Dynamic Driving Task
(Statistisches Bundesamt) Federal Statistical Office of Germany Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
Deep Neural Network
Electronic Control Unit
Electric Power Steering
European Union
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
Functional Safety
European General Data Protection Regulation
Global Navigation Satellite System
Global Positioning System
Graphics Processing Unit
Human-Machine Interaction
Hardware Reprocessing
Highway Pilot
Input/Output Port
International Electrotechnical Commission
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Inertial Measurement Unit
Internet Protocol Security
International Organization for Standardization
International Software Testing Qualifications Board
Light Detection and Ranging
Microcontroller Unit
Minimal Risk Condition
Minimal risk maneuver
Naturalistic Driving Study
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
National Transportation Safety Board
Operational Design Domain
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Open Road
One True Pairing
Object Under Test
Proving Ground
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety and Security Reliable Map Attribute
Secure Development Lifecycle Simulation-in-the-Closed-Loop
System on Chip
Safety of the Intended Functionality (Straßenverkehrsgesetz) German Road Traffic Act Software
Software Reprocessing
Traffic Jam Pilot
Transport Layer Security
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Urban Pilot
Verification and Validation