This bundle teaches you how to market on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & more

Theoretically, there's never been an easier time for marketers. The ubiquity of social media means a good word - or a good brand - can spread like wildfire with very little effort. But as limitless as the internet is, there's a lot of competition and noise to contend with. And the vast graveyard of failed start-ups out there pays testimony to the fact that what works on what platform won't necessarily get traction on another.

Enter the Silicon Valley Digital Marketers Bundle, a master class for online advertisers that truly covers all the bases.

This comprehensive series of 11 courses cover the principles that apply to any savvy marketing effort, but also dives deep into the specific social media sites that will give you the biggest bang for your marketing dollar - and if you're marketing right, you might not even need to spend a dollar.

The full Silicon Valley Digital Marketers Bundle is on sale now for $39.99, a full 97% off the cost of the individual courses.