Eastern Blocks: photographs of the brutalist towers of the former USSR

Zupagrafika's new book Eastern Blocks (subtitle: "Concrete Landscapes of the Former Eastern Bloc") collects more than 100 beautiful photos of the brutalist towers of ex-Soviet nations, "'Sleeping districts' of Moscow, Plattenbauten of East Berlin, modernist estates of Warsaw, Kyiv`s Brezhnevki."

David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka (AKA Zupagrafika) started photographing the towers as design reference for their studios but soon fell in love with brutalism itself and began commissioning photographers around the region to take pictures for the book.

Wired has a smashing gallery of images from the book, which retails for €19.

Eastern Blocks: Concrete Landscapes of the Former Eastern Bloc [Zupagrafika]

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