Creating a first-person adventure game with Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker 2 is designed to let you create your own Mario platformer levels, but the tools are flexible enough that a sufficiently ingenious creator can make all kinds of amazing things with them.

Enter ねぎちん, whose Super Mario Maker 2 level, 3D Maze House (P59-698-55G), is a first-person adventure game in the mold of Wizardry, an astounding technical feat.

The basic setup is this: Mario needs to escape a creepy house by collecting a few coins, thus granting him a special key for a locked door. The top left of the screen is what Mario "sees," while the bottom gives details on where Mario is located—not just what floor, but precisely where in the house, too—and the right is how Mario makes navigation choices.

A First-Person Adventure Is One of the Coolest Mario Maker Levels Yet [Patrick Klepek/Vice]

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