Ditch the capsules and get this precision drip coffeemaker for 75% off

Are we done with capsule coffee makers yet? Sure, they're easy. But they are not so easy on the environment, and it's debatable whether they actually make a better cup. Luckily, there's never been a better time to switch back to the good old reliable drip method – especially when drip coffeemakers have quietly been improving over the years.

Case in point: The Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer.

This sleek-looking unit won a 2013 Red Dot Design Award, but the real beauty is in the operation. It was designed in cooperation with barista artist and coffee guru Tim Wendelboe to be a failsafe conduit to consistently great coffee. All you do is follow the measurements for coffee and water on the water tank, press and watch. A no-drip lock on the filter prevents spillage, and the leftover water gets automatically removed after each brew. There's even a child safety lock for extra security.

You can get the Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer in silver aluminum or black plastic, both of which are 75% off the retail price.