Super packable backpack for motorcycle or travel

This Nelson-Rigg backpack crushes into a tiny stuff sack.

Nelson-Rigg makes covers for bikes that last a long time. I thought I'd take a shot on their super-light backpack, designed to be stuck in tiny motorcycle storage compartments for all those times you realize you'd like to bring something home but can't possibly carry it on your bike.

I used to keep a bungie net with hooks under my seat. The paint on my BMW is too precious for that. I wear a backpack when I need to bring my laptop places but mostly I motorcycle with a notebook jammed into my waistband and a pen in my pocket. This frequently leaves me saying "I'd stop by the market on the way home but…"

No more. This backpack will certainly do for day trips and will come into play on trips where I'm traveling super light but may want a backpack somedays, or extra space on the way home.

Nelson-Rigg CB-PK30 Black Compact Backpack via Amazon