Work towards becoming a certified project manager with this training bundle

Breaking into the big leagues as a project manager isn't done overnight, but there are principles that anyone can learn, and they're applicable to nearly any business. No matter what your field, if there are multiple teams working toward a common goal, you're going to need a roadmap.

The Project Management Professional Certification Training Suite is designed to let you draw it up quickly and confidently - even if you have little or no prior management experience.

This series of courses isn't just a parade of empty motivational speeches. The Project Management Institute's ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) certification is a jewel in any resume, and these classes will help you ace that exam - and other relevant certifications - the first time out.

Here's the breakdown of what you get:

It all adds up to 60 hours of exercises and resources that will be invaluable even after you land that project manager job. Lifetime access to the entire suite is now $39.