Take this training and start crunching big data on MATLAB

If you've worked in any high-performing engineering lab, you already know about MATLAB. This computing environment and the language that powers it is perfectly suited to science and math, with an interface that makes it easy to express and visualize complex algorithms – not to mention an infrastructure that lets it easily work with other go-to languages like Python, C++, and Java.

Now that sound data analytics have become a necessity for nearly any company, MATLAB and its associated platforms are in demand for a growing number of fields. If you want to get ahead of the next wave in technical computing, the Essential MATLAB & LabVIEW Mega Bundle is the crash course you need.

In this nine-lesson bundle, you'll not only learn how to create custom apps in MATLAB and navigate its data structures. You'll also dive into LabVIEW, a crucial development environment for managing and testing equipment and workflow in the industrial sector. Put the two together, and you'll be able to build a network that will make you invaluable in the tech world.

Right now, you can get lifetime access to the Essential MATLAB & LabVIEW Mega Bundle for $29 today.