Peppy firetruck gets carried away and tips over at school demo

Firefighters wanted to put on a good show for a school in Vic, Hungary. They also wanted to demonstrate how they could put out a staged car fire. But their performance doesn't go as planned when their zippy truck takes a turn that's a bit too fast, causing it to tip to one side and then to the other, crashing to the ground.

According to Motor1:

The Vaci Diary Online reported that five firefighters were in the truck. All of them were taken to the hospital with minor injuries but were out by the afternoon. There were bystanders nearby the incident but none of them were hurt.

After the crash, a crane arrived at the scene to put the firetruck back on its wheels. The vehicle had to be towed away from the scene. The damage appears to be mostly cosmetic and looks to be repairable without going too long out of service.