PG Tips 'Extra Strong' is a perfectly drinkable strong black tea

Tea time, happy mutants! PG Tips 'Extra Strong' is not as pitifully weak as PG Tips 'Gold' offering. Belly up to the bar and get your tea on!

Over the course of the last year, I've mostly leaned into coffee and espresso to make life liveable. They supply the necessary energy to do that which must be done. 5-6 double shots of espresso on my Rancilio Ms Silva was a normal morning until I packed that darling machine into storage. 32-64 oz of french pressed medium roast was my ritual whilst living la vida #vanlife. Now-a-days its been liters of drip coffee.

A recent day where I unintentionally skipped the coffee nearly crippled me. Shit man, that was some bullshit withdrawl symptoms. Coffee isn't nearly as much fun as things that are far easier to kick.

I have said it before and will say it again: There is no room for amateurs in the drug culture.

I couldn't find the best tea in the universe, Barry's Gold Blend, in any local market. I did not want to wait for Amazon to deliver it. I bought a box of PG Tips 'Extra Strong' and it gets the job done!

PG Tips 'Extra Strong' is only extra strong if you are in the UK. This is a dark black tea that is a lot like Barry's but has a bit more of a malty tone to it. It is not like "Whoa, existential crisis!" black, but PG Tips 'Extra Strong' is someplace between deathrock and skate punk.

I am drinking probably 6 mugs of tea, using 1 bag per 2 mugs.

PG Tips Extra Strong 80s via Amazon