Late night stumble into Yellowstone's Old Faithful results in trip to burn ward

A gentleman apparently wandered off the DESIGNATED PATH and was burnt pretty bad, fucking about near Old Faithful.

The water is hot, bro.


Siemers was able to walk back to the Old Faithful Inn, where he was staying near the geyser, and call for help around midnight.

Park rangers thought there were signs he had been drinking, according to the statement. They later found a beer can near the geyser, along with one of Siemers' shoes, and footprints leading to and from the geyser.

Siemers was taken by ambulance to the West Yellowstone Airport and then flown by plane to Idaho Falls where he was admitted to the burn center at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Due to bad weather, the use of a life flight helicopter from Old Faithful was prohibited, the NPS said.

The Old Faithful Geyser erupts every 51 to 120 minutes, according to the NPS. At the vent, the water is 203 degrees Fahrenheit.

The National Park Service said it is continuing to investigate to determine if any damage was done to the geyser cone. If so, they will forward the results to the US Attorney's Office for prosecutorial review.

A favorite act of baffling misbehavior, observed at Yellowstone, was conducted by asshole fans of a southern high school football team. Said fans insisted everyone trying to view or take a photo of Old Faithful from the center of the designated viewing area also look at their local high school football mascot! One of their party walked into the hydrthermal field, off the boardwalks and past the signs forbidding such a thing, to make sure their sportsy guy was out there for all to see.