You can climb on giant Little Debbie snack sculptures at this park in Tennessee

If you love Little Debbie snacks, you might need to take a pilgrimage to Little Debbie Park, which opened earlier this year in Collegedale, Tennessee, about 30 minutes west of Chattanooga. It's filled with the normal things you'd find at a park—a playground, picnic tables, benches, etc.—but what makes it unique are the giant play sculptures in the shape of your favorite Little Debbie snacks. 

According to The Takeout, Collegedale-based McKee Foods, which makes Little Debbie snacks, purchased ten acres of land from Southern Adventist University and donated it to the city of Collegedale for the purposes of creating a public park. 

Artist Alex Paul Loza created the sculptures, which include Little Debbie snacks like the Cosmic Brownie, Oatmeal Cream Pie, Christmas Tree Cake, and more. The Takeout describes how the park highlights these iconic snacks:

True to its name, Little Debbie Park incorporates all the well-known snack cakes you'd expect. Kids can play on (or adults can sit on) a huge Oatmeal Creme Pie or a stack of Nutty Buddy Bars. Fantasy-sized Cosmic Brownies complete with colorful candy pieces serve as a climbing wall, allowing kids to play with their food in a new way. A six-foot-tall Christmas Tree Cake sculpture with red swirls of "icing" and green "sprinkles" is the perfect spot for a selfie.

Observant visitors will also notice familiar treats underfoot: Underneath a collection of xylophones and drums, a round plaza shows a cross-section of a Swiss Roll, its white and brown concrete alternating to represent the treat's swirl of cream inside chocolate cake. Another round plaza depicts a Fudge Round, a chocolate cookie sandwich with chocolate icing drizzle.

The park is also accessible to all. Again, The Takeout:

With a sensory dome climber and equipment with accommodations including high-backed seats, extra space for mobility devices, and activities at accessible heights, the park is inclusive for children of all physical and cognitive abilities. 

I'm definitely going to visit the next time I'm near Chattanooga!

all images by Erin Adams