Single-use disposable toilets now available at Canadian rock climbing parks

If you find yourself camping or ready to scale a wall in the wilderness of British Columbia's Squamish district and, er, nature calls, don't fret. And don't leave your poop in a crag, either. The Squamish Access Society and BC Parks are providing single-use poop bags that are far more high-tech than typical dog-do bags. Waste Alleviating Gel (WAG) bags are sturdy and loaded with special powder that turns liquid into gel.

From CBC:

Katy Holm, one of the owners of Climb On [a sponsor of the program] was careful not to blame the rock climbing community for the general issue with human waste in the Squamish area, saying much of it is associated with people camping or living in their vehicles, and the broader recreational popularity of the region[…]

She said the bags aren't anything like the flimsy little bags people use to pick up their pets' poop.

"It's totally robust. You don't have a fear that it's going to explode or anything. You can roll it up, there's no smell. It doesn't feel dirty at all," said Holm.

image: Ben Webster/Squamish Access Society