Having accomplished little, Jared Kushner to lead Trump's impeachment defense

In a shocking slight to Eric and Don Jr, the Orange Menace has handed the reigns of his impeachment defense to Jared Kushner.

Why not give Barron a chance?

NY Daily News:

Jared Kushner is taking the reins of President Trump's impeachment defense — and even the #MAGA army has to be asking why.

The presidential son-in-law has so far failed in high-profile assignments to bring peace to the Middle East, come up with a grand compromise on immigration and get America to kick its opioid habit.

He also famously advised Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey, leading to the Russia collusion investigation that crippled most of the president's first three years in office.

So now he's going to lead the White House "don't call it a war room" impeachment fightback as Democrats move closer than ever to removing Trump from office.