Mayor accused of failing to fullfil road maintenance promises is dragged through the streets by angry voters

Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández was elected mayor of Las Margaritas, Chiapas after he promised to repair city's rural roads, in a chaotic campaign that included accusations of a "brawl" with his opponent's supporters.

Local police have arrested 11 locals, identified by the BBC as farmers angry that he had not made good on his roadworks promises, for kidnapping Escandón from his office, tying him to the back of a pickup truck, and publicly dragging him through the streets of the Santa Rita district. Escandón did not sustain serious injuries, but has indicated his intention to seek criminal charges for abduction and attempted murder.

The public spectacle was ended when "dozens" of police officers managed to stop the truck and arrest the accused, after "scuffles" that resulted in multiple injuries.

The dragging marks the escalation of hostilities by farmers angry about the failed road maintenance promise — four months ago, Escandón's office was vandalized over the issue.

Mayors and local politicians in Mexico are often targeted by drug gangs when they refuse to cooperate with their criminal schemes but it is less common for them to be attacked over their campaign promises.

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