Kickstarting a deluxe "Dracula" edition in a suitcase full of "primary source materials" from the novel

Josh O'Neill writes, "We're doing a box set edition of Dracula in which we reconstitute the novel into the primary source documents from which it's drawn: Mina's diary, Lucy's letters, Dailygraph newspaper clippings, even an actual phonograph record from Dr. Seward. It comes in a suitcase. Or a wooden casket or stone crypt, depending on the edition."

Josh is from Beehive Books, who've produced some of the loveliest limited editions we've featured over the past three years, and they've got an excellent track record when it comes to delivering on these crowdfunded editions.

Dracula itself is a remarkable text, a combination of epistolary novel and assemblage of clippings and other fragments, still modern-seeming after all these years (which is fitting, given the extent to which it is at root a parable about the power of modernity — lights, telegraphs, science — to defeat superstition).

$25 gets you a PDF, $100 gets you the record with its jacket and accompanying textual material as well as a map, $350 gets you a suitcase with all the materials, $800 gets you a limited version with bonus materials, $2000 gets you the "Entombed Edition" with a letter from Dacre Stoker (Bram's grand-nephew), handmade items, and a special case ("a stone vault").

It's all scheduled to ship in Oct 2021.

Beehive ends its pitch by supporting the unionization drive by Kickstarter workers, noting that the workers have not called for a boycott while they seek recognition for their union.

We will produce twenty-six premium editions, each lettered A-Z and signed and personally inscribed to you or an individual of your choosing by Dacre Stoker. The contents will be presented in an engraved stone vault. Includes all contents of the ARCHIVE and IMMORTAL editions, plus a number of to-be-determined unique, hand-made items inserted into each ENTOMBED Edition, including:

pressed flowers slipped into Mina's journal

* skeleton keys to Carfax Abbey

* the double-disc gatefold record set (see THE PHONOGRAPH below)

* a vessel of actual Transylvanian soil

* partially burnt documents

* unique handwritten (not printed) documents

* actual communion wafers

* …and more.

DRACULA: The Evidence [Beehive Books/Kickstarter]