This kit turns your drill into a high-powered cleaning tool

Still using elbow grease to clean the sinks, tubs and other grimy surfaces around your house? Save your elbows, and some time. If you've got a power drill, the RevoClean® 4-in-1 Drill Brush Cleaning Kit will instantly turn it into a professional scrubber that can tackle any stain on any surface.

Attach the 4" nylon round brush to the drill bit on any standard drill and you can clean tile, showers and even caked-on grill stains in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. The 3.5" nylon ball brush is great for general purpose jobs like porcelain and those pesky shower corners. Finally, there are two non-scratch attachments: A medium scrubber for stainless steel, granite or cookware and a sponge for glass, wood furniture or other sensitive but stubborn areas.

There's hardly a stain that can stand up to it and no area in any house where this won't save tons of time. Again, you'll need your own drill to take advantage of the RevoClean® 4-in-1 Drill Brush Cleaning Kit, now available in a 2-pack for 37% off the retail price.