Pay what you want for these 9 Mac apps & get the most out of your MacBook

Do you own a Mac? Unless you're using it for a paperweight, you almost can't afford not to get the Magnificent Mac Bundle. It's a roundup of some truly essential security and file management apps, bundled up with great photo and video enhancers.

The best part is that all nine apps are potentially available for pennies. There's a "pay what you want deal" for the bundle that allows you to name your price. No matter what that number is, you'll at least get something. But before we get into the deal itself, here's a breakdown of the apps:

Any one of these apps is a serious timesaver. Together, they'll supercharge your Mac into a lightning-fast workstation. Just head to the link and make your bid. Any amount will enter will get you at least part of the bundle, but beating the average bid will get the entire thing.