Get big savings on Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Levitating Speakers, & more

Treat yourself, internet: We've rounded up some deals from the past week that were too good not to bring back for an encore. Take your pick from home goods, massagers and other tech, all at serious discounts.

TREBLAB Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Get in the groove and stay that way with these headphones and their mammoth 35-hour battery life. The sound is just as impressive, with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and T-Quiet™ active noise-cancellation. Get a pair now for more than 10% off the retail price.

Zone 47" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk

Minimize your distractions and maximize comfort on that next raid. This wide-surfaced desk boasts a cable organizer, headphone hook and even a cupholder – all the amenities a gamer needs. There's even a charging hub with 3 outlets and 2 charging ports. Pick up yours today for more than 25% off.

VOLTA Levitating Light Bulb

Give your desk or den a jolt of atmosphere with this floating LED bulb. The secret is a pair of magnets that keep the bulb aloft while wireless induction technology keeps it glowing with a warm, soft light. It's now available for a full 40% off the MSRP.

TubShroom®, SinkShroom® Strainers & StopShroom® Plug Bundle

Hair happens, but this gadget ensures it doesn't clog up your drains. The TubShroom catches errant hairs and other potential clogs in your drain, while the SinkShroom elevates out from the drain. Pick it up and discard the yuck without ever having to touch it. The pack of three strainers is now 30% off the list price.

NEBULA Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

One of the most eye-catching speakers on the market floats inside a magnetized casing that glows with a mood-setting LED light. The Bluetooth-enabled orb rotates while it plays and has a built-in microphone if you need to take calls. Get yours for a full 53% off the original cost.

Mizu Smart Bath Towel: The World's Best Bacteria Fighting Towel

Double up on that clean feeling the next time you dry off with this anti-bacterial towel. There's silver threading in the blend that lets it dry faster, stay softer and even change color in response to contaminant buildup. Right now, the Mizu is on sale for a 57% discount.

Height Adjustable Gaming Chair with Removable Lumbar & Headrest Pillow

Marathon gaming sessions can be great for your ranking, but rough on your posture. Mitigate that with this ultra-comfortable seat. The seat and arms are both height-adjustable, and there's ample support on the contoured back. This gaming chair is now available for a 40% break off the MSRP.

Original IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light

Late-night bathroom breaks are ripe for accidents, but this simple gadget makes them safe – and even comforting. As featured on ABC's "Shark Tank," the Illumibowl has a motion sensor that detects when anyone enters the bathroom, then triggers a light that brightens up the interior of your toilet in a choice of eight colors. It's now more than 25% off the retail price.

TimTam All New PowerMassager™

Deep aches require a little extra power. That's what this massager packs in spades, thanks to a quiet motor that can deliver 2500 soothing strokes per minute to sore muscles. It's cordless for maximum portability, with a battery capable of 40 minutes of continuous operation. Get it now for 20% off the store cost.

The Orijin Sponge

Made from Japanese Konjac root infused with bamboo and charcoal, the Orijin Sponge promises a deep clean that won't irritate sensitive areas. Anti-microbial and ergonomic, it's especially great for oily skin. The Orijin Sponge is now on sale for a 15% discount.