Pick from over 1,000 new skills with this eLearning pass

Everybody could use a little improvement, especially those of us on the hunt for new careers. Each job requires a different set of skills, and that list can change from year to year or even month to month as new technologies emerge.

When you're in that race and need to learn fast, the old model of schooling can seem, well … a little too old school. So what's the alternative?

Enter StackSkills, a subscription service that opens up a library of more than 1,000 eLearning courses.

Both beginning and established coders will find a ton of great resources here, with classes on blockchain, app development, project management, data analytics and much more, frequently updated for the latest programming languages and platforms.

But that's just one broad subject area. You'll also find courses on graphic design, personal finance, entrepreneurship, speed reading and a ton of other disciplines. There are even ways for you to learn a new hobby or monetize an existing one with masterclasses on things like photography and podcasting.

They're all taught by top instructors in the field, and they're all open for you to use. StackSkills is essentially a virtual university, minus the lifetime debt. In fact, it's just $59 now for an annual pass.