How to cut open a pomegranate the smart way

So THIS is how you do it.

I never knew!

"Step 1: Don't cut off your hand with that ridiculously sharp knife."

It's probably also easier without the tree attached.

How to effectively slice a pomegranate

This video isn't sourced, but it's making the viral rounds this week. Super satisfying fruit content.

Once you slice the thing open, remember the other trick to separate the arils from the white pith: put it all in a bowl of water.

The pith and arils will separate, and you skim the floating pith off the water and eat your arils.

We've been writing about pomegranates on Boing Boing for more than a decade.

Here's a pomegranate appreciation post from 2008.

There are other fruits you are probably slicing wrong.

How to effectively slice a pomegranate [IMGUR, mysteriouscreation9]