Watch a Giant Day Gecko shedding, and eating, its skin

I recently saw this cool short video of a Giant Day Gecko shedding its skin that was posted on r/oddlysatisfying (and it is, indeed, oddly satisfying). I love how the green cutie helps the process along by pulling the skin of its tail with its little mouth. And, spoiler alert: that little weirdo eats its shed skin at the end of the video, so you've been warned. Hey, circle of life and all, right? (Plus, it's nutritious, yum!).

I couldn't figure out who had originally filmed the video, but the gecko in question looks an awful lot like the gecko in this much longer video, posted by a person named James who runs a YouTube channel called "Wonderful World" which features lots of awesome reptile and amphibian content. They explain:

My name is James. I created "Wonderful World" to share my love of reptiles, amphibians, and other things that make the world we live in such a wonderful place. I post videos twice a week about reptiles, amphibians, husbandry, vivariums, and much more. My goal for the channel is to tell the story of what goes on in my reptile room and all the animals that I care for; as well as sharing information on husbandry and care with my viewers. I really appreciate all my viewers. I'm still a fairly young channel and have a lot of room to grow. So if you enjoy the kind of content I create, please consider subscribing to the channel. 

James posted an incredible video of a gorgeous Giant Day Gecko shedding and eating its skin, and explains in the description:

He does this fairly often, but it's something I rarely get to see. I hope you enjoy the video.