James Dean returns to screen for movie about Vietnam War

James Dean died in a car crash in 1955, but that isn't stopping the actor from starring in an upcoming Vietnam War era movie called Finding Jack.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

"We searched high and low for the perfect character to portray the role of Rogan, which has some extreme complex character arcs, and after months of research, we decided on James Dean," said [the film's director, Anton] Ernst … "We feel very honored that his family supports us and will take every precaution to ensure that his legacy as one of the most epic film stars to date is kept firmly intact. The family views this as his fourth movie, a movie he never got to make. We do not intend to let his fans down."

While Finding Jack will be live action, The Hollywood Reporter understands that Dean's performance will be constructed via "full body" CGI using actual footage and photos. Another actor will voice him.

Image: By In-house publicity still – Warner Bros. publicity still for for the film Rebel Without a Cause, Public Domain, Link