Dog has learned to "speak" with a soundboard: "Outside. Come now."

Koko the gorilla (RIP) amazed the world when she learned to communicate with humans, but now there's a dog whose learned to "talk." Not with sign language, but with a soundboard. According to her speech-language pathologist person, Christina Hunger, Stella the dog has already learned 29 words and several phrases. By pressing her paw on the pre-programmed buttons, she has learned to say what's on her mind.


One day, the [18-month-old] pup was whining at the front door and started pacing back and forth. Hunger assumed that she needed to go outside. Instead, Stella walked to her device and tapped out, “Want,” “Jake” “Come” then stood in front of the door until Hunger’s fiancé, Jake, came home a few minutes later and then Stella immediately pressed “Happy” and rolled over for a belly rub.

Here are a few videos of Stella doing her thing:

How fantastic is that?!

If you want to follow Stella on Instagram (and I think you do!), head to Hunger for Words. Also, check out the Hunger for Words website. There's a "day in the life" post that is worth a look.