Argument over marijuana leads to hit-and-run

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a driver rammed into a man after the two argued about stolen weed. A bystander recorded the gruesome attack on her phone and posted it to Twitter.

From the article:

At 1:40 in the video, the man in the sweatshirt gets into his black sedan, which was parked in front of the SUV, and guns the car backward. He positions it facing the SUV. The man in the cap stands just outside his driver door and says, "Hit me with your… car, I dare you, bra'."

That's when the man in the black car slams his vehicle into the victim, shoving the SUV back with the force of the blow. The man in the cap cries out and hobbles to the sidewalk and falls down.

At 1:58 in the video, the man in the black car speeds off. A woman gets out of the SUV's passenger side and shrieks, "Oh my god!" The victim moans, "Oh, my leg," and a few seconds later the video ends.

[WARNING: video is disturbing]

Image: Twitter