This training can turn you into a certified Microsoft Excel pro

If you're doing any kind of data work, chances are you're working in Excel. This venerable platform has evolved beyond its roots as a workhorse spreadsheet creator into an essential tool for data analysts and other high-level number crunchers.

Want to brush up on this year's version of the software? There's no quicker way than the Complete Microsoft Excel 2019 MOS Certification Exam Training Bundle.

That "MOS" stands for Microsoft Office Specialist, and it's a definite standout on any resume. This 3-course bundle ensures that you'll qualify for that title in no time with plenty of hands-on preparation exercises.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses cover all functionalities in both Excel 2019 and Excel 365. You'll go from making basic worksheet calculations to crafting complex macros in no time. By the end, you'll be any company's go-to troubleshooter for data management on one of the most widely-used platforms in the Microsoft arsenal.

You can pick up all three courses now for only $25.