Save over 30% on this massive online training library

It should be obvious to anyone who has ever opened up a web page that the route to a career in Silicon Valley does not necessarily travel through a traditional university. Even so, budding coders need guidance and the right expertise.

That's where the Treehouse Project comes in. It's built for self-starters and contains a treasure trove of knowledge for far less than the cost of a week's tuition at a university.

Simply put, the service is a well-curated repository for lessons in all aspects of the tech economy. Cybersecurity, web development, UX design, data analysis – you can learn it all here. Browse the individual lessons at will or start yourself off methodically by hopping on a "track" designed to teach you all aspects of a job.

All courses are taught by experts in the field, and if you get stuck you've got access to more than 50,000 fellow students eager to steer you right again.

A one-year subscription to the Treehouse Project is down 33% off the retail cost, only $199 today.

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