Score over 50% off on this premium DNA ancestry test kit ahead of Black Friday

Why do diets work for some people and not others? Why do some have to work harder in the gym than others? The simple answer is: Everybody's different.

And while that may be obvious, it's not as though you can't do anything about it. With the Vitagene DNA Ancestry Premium Test Kit, you can not only find out about your past but use that health information to shape your future.

It starts with a simple cheek swab, which is sent into Vitagene's labs. What you get back is a report that maps out your unique genetic profile and how it relates to your physiology.

You'll also get a complete diet plan that incorporates that info, letting you what nutrients you need and foods to avoid if any. Vitagene will also suggest supplements to help you along and layout a full exercise plan with the type and frequency of workouts that will get you the best results.

The premium plan also comes with a risk assessment for an array of skin conditions like eczema, photoaging and more.

The full premium kit and a health plan voucher are now available for more than 40% off retail, but you can take an extra 20% off that final price by using the Black Friday code BFSAVE20.

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