To find tech talent, an entrepreneur put cans of relabeled Spam on store shelves

It's hard to find good help. It's been especially difficult for San Francisco-based inventor/entrepreneur Danielle Baskin (previously) to find a programmer to work on her company's app. She reports that she had been sending potential contractors direct messages through Github and Twitter, hoping they'd want to work with her company. But that it felt "very spammy."

So, she went to her local Safeway and bought actual cans of Spam. Then, in what has to be one of the most out-of-the-box hiring practice ever, she relabeled and put the cans back on store shelves as a way to find candidates to interview. The new label points to where there's a form for interested parties to fill out.

You'll also find a 10-pack of "Recruiter Spam" for sale ($89).

Stay weird, SF!

images via Danielle Baskin