Hiding email addresses with typographic tricks? It's no match for ChatGPT

ChatGPT is effective at reading emails obscured using trickery such as "help [at] boingboing <dot> net", lookalike unicode characters, URL encoding and so on. Arnaud Norman set about proving a technique that is likely already in use among people interested in emails.

To my surprise, ChatGPT demonstrated an exceptional ability to decipher the concealed email addresses. Even when multiple obfuscation methods were employed, the AI model adeptly identified and retrieved the intended email addresses with remarkable accuracy. Ultimately, I decided to exclude the contact emails from the final Google Sheet, as individuals who obfuscate their emails clearly do not wish for them to be publicly accessible.

Also no match for a PHP script written 20 years ago! A one-line regex gets a lot of them. But that's not "AI" so it doesn't count.