Make: a non-patent-infringing enclosure for your 3D printer

3D printing is a dumpster fire of stupid, obvious patents, but thankfully many of these are expiring; this year, the stupid patent on putting sides on a 3D printer (extrusion printers are very sensitive to errant breezes and just a puff of wind can ruin a print that took hours, just minutes before it completes).

Now that the stupid patent has expired, the 3D printing world is tinkering with many possible designs for cases for 3D printers. Among them is Jay Doscher, a 3D printing enthusiast who's trying to figure out how to do 3DP at scale.

Doscher writes, "I was really inspired last year with Doctorow's book, Walkaway and it has had me thinking differently about making ever since. Part of that progression is this project- learning how to do small scale fabrication. I used waterjet parts, but many parts are 3D printed, and all of the designs are licensed under Creative Commons. I hope you like it!"

Learning to Scale – Rapid Manufacturing with Enclosures [Jay Doscher/Back7]

(Thanks, Jay!)