These noise-cancelling earbuds adapt to block noise or enhance conversations

In the course of any day, we encounter many different audio environments. If you are wearing earbuds, the ambient noise level can affect your listening experience.

The HUB wireless earbuds adapt to different surroundings using smart noise-cancellation technology. They can either block out distractions or enhance conversations. They are normally priced at $250, but you can get them now for $63.74 with the 15% discount code MerrySave15.

Wearing regular earbuds throughout the day means living in a bubble. Talking with friends is virtually impossible unless you take out an earpiece. In contrast, the HUB earbuds allow you to control the volume of the outside world. 

Smart Ambient Sound mode lets you reduce background noise, amplify speech, or enhance conversations at will. In addition, the HUB earbuds work seamlessly with voice assistants such as Google and Siri.

With the supplied wireless charging case, these earbuds offer 100 hours of battery life. The case also doubles as a power bank for your phone or tablet. Sound quality is excellent thanks to large 7mm drivers, and the HUB earbuds are water-resistant — ideal for sweaty workout sessions.

No matter what your day looks like, the HUB earbuds will provide a great soundtrack. Worth $250, they are now only $63.74 with the festive discount code MerrySave15.