After sweeping election victories, Hong Kong protesters stage massive demonstrations marking their 6-month anniversary

Today, 800,000 Hong Kongers marched through the city in a demonstration commemorating their six months of protests. Thanks to landslide victories for pro-Democracy candidates in last month's election, today's march had an official police permit — the first such permit issued since August.

The protest was organized by the nonviolent umbrella group The Civil Human Rights Front (slogan: "You Can't Kill Us All"), and in online forums, protesters were promising direct action tomorrow if the Beijing-loyal administrator Carrie Lam does not respond to it.

"No matter how we express our views, through peacefully marching, through civilised elections, the government won't listen," said a 50-year-old protester, who gave his surname Wong. "It only follows orders from the Chinese Communist Party."

"I don't know how long the fight will be," added another protester, who gave his first name as Kelvin. "So far I can't see the end but we won't back down."

Cantonese popstar Denise Ho, whose music is blacklisted on the Chinese mainland, tweeted a video of the huge crowds with the caption: "Here's your majority Carrie Lam".

Hong Kongers mark half a year of protest with mammoth rally [Jerome Taylor, Yan Zhao/Yahoo News]

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(Image: Civil Human Rights Front)