Popular Chinese video game invites players to "hunt down traitors" in Hong Kong

"Fight the Traitors Together" (motto: "Hong Kong is part of China and this can't be meddled with by outside power") is a web-game that has attained new popularity in mainland China; it invites players to locate with caricatures of real Hong Kong protest leaders and slap them or pelt them with rotten eggs.

In the game, amid a crowd of black-clad rioters wearing yellow hats and face masks, Anson Chan Fang On-sang, another leading opposition figure, carries a bag with a US flag, clutches a stack of US dollars and holds a loudspeaker to incite violence in the streets. The game also features Western faces, including characters that appear to be Julie Eadeh, a political unit chief of the US consulate general in Hong Kong.

Game targeting Hong Kong 'traitors' popular on mainland social media
[Hu Yuwei/Global Times]

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