Woman asked to remove "Hail Satan" T-shirt on American Airlines flight

Shortly after Swati Runi Goyal (49) boarded an American Airlines flight from Florida to Nevada, a crew member told her she would either have to remove her shirt or get off the plane, reports Buzzfeed News.

Goyal is a member of the non-theistic Satanic Temple, which is a recognized church.

From Buzzfeed News:

Goyal was shocked by the harsh response from the crew members, noting that she's worn the T-shirt many times in the past without incident, including on airplanes.

Fortunately, her husband had two layers on, so he lent one to her. With the text of the shirt covered up, the crew allowed her to remain on the flight. Still, she said the crew avoided eye contact with her for the remainder of the flight, even ignoring her when the drink cart came around.

American Airlines later apologized to Goyal and issued refunds to her and her husband.

Image: Swati Runi Goyal