New York City bans most flavored e-cigarettes in war on vaping

New NYC law to cub vaping takes effect next July, aims to protect teens' health

In NYC, Mayor Bill de Blasio today signed into law a bill to ban retail sales of pretty much all flavored e-cig products. New York health officials say they are marketed to teens, and contribute to serious respiratory harm.

From Melanie Grayce West reporting for the Wall Street Journal:

New York joins some 230 municipalities and states across the country that have enacted restrictions on the sale of the products. The New York City Council passed the ban in late November. Mint and wintergreen flavors are included in the ban, but not tobacco-flavored products.

The ban will take effect on July 1, 2020. Enforcement will primarily focus on seizure of product and fines, city officials said.

Speaking during a public signing ceremony for the bill, Mr. de Blasio said that the city's ban, in the absence of federal efforts, sends a message to other cities that they can also take such steps. He called underage vaping, "a man-made health crisis" and said there shouldn't have been a presumption that vaping products were ever safe.

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