Juul's strategy for success: target children, steadily ramp up nicotine levels

Juul -- infused with billions by the company that owns Marlboro -- attained its $12.8B valuation by growing faster than any other vaping company, thanks in large part to the children who bought its products, reversing decades of progress in getting teens off nicotine products while simultaneously monopolizing the market for vaping products Read the rest

Carcinogens, monopolies, influence-peddling: Juul is a microcosm with everything wrong in the world

Juul just handed out $2 billion in dividends, making 1,500 employees into overnight millionaires; the cash came from Altria-Marlboro's 35%, $12.8 billion buyout of the company -- and everything about the story stinks. Read the rest

Thanks to vaping, decades of anti-smoking progress in teens has been wiped out

For two decades, adolescent smoking has been on the decline, but thanks to vaping products like Juul (which has 75% of the market), teen smoking just jumped by levels not seen for 43 years. Read the rest

Now even clouds are vaping

Photographer unknown. (via r/mildlyinteresting) Read the rest

Vaping while faceswapping yields unusual results

Accidental surrealism is the best surrealism. Read the rest

Vaping while faceswapping is highly recommended

What happens when you blow smoke while a not-entirely wise machine is superimposing someone else's face on your face? Dorrit Shank found out. Read the rest

U.S. bans e-cigarettes in checked baggage, and no vaping on the plane either

The U.S. Department of Transportation is all, like, “I've had it with these mothafuckin' vapes, on this mothafuckin' plane!”

Citing in-flight fire hazards, DOT announced a ban on vape pens, e-cigarettes, and other similiar devices in any checked baggage of passengers or flight crew. Read the rest

E-cigs and malware: real threat or Yellow Peril 2.0?

After a redditor claimed to have gotten a computer virus from factory-installed malware on an e-cig charger, the Guardian reported out the story and concluded that it's possible. Read the rest

RavenVapes5v510 returns with a new "Hardcore vaping" electronic cigarette video review


Before reviewing VSVapor's (Vapor Station) "Tampa" eliquid, RavenVapes5v510 takes a vape down memory lane. He shares one of the first PV mods ever built and vapes a vintage 90mg Bacon Menthol e-liquid. RavenVapes5v510 is an extreme freestyle Vaper from Los Angeles, CA. His reviews and opinions should be considered law in the world of vaping.

(Don't tell anyone, but it's really Liam Lynch.)

"Hardcore vaping" electronic cigarette video review is full of ... Read the rest

"Hardcore vaping" electronic cigarette video review is full of both nicotine and LOL

Please don't tell anyone that this is, in fact, a completely fake "e-liquid" review for the electronic cigarette/vaping community created by prolific video-lulz creator Liam Lynch. It would be better for the internet if everyone believes it's real.

RavenVapes5v510 does yet another e-liquid review for a rare Mega-level nicotine RY4 by Vapor Station. RavenVapes5v510 is a hardcore, experienced vaper that resides in Los Angeles, California. He has been vaping for 7 years and reviews a wide range of vaping liquids, devices and accessories. RavenVapes5v510 in no way cares about your comments or discussing/debating his opinions.

Video Link. Between you and I only, RavenVapes5v510 is Liam Lynch. Read the rest