Give your gut a break with this adjustable toilet stool

When it comes to bathroom breaks, do you struggle to stay…"regular"? You're not alone. Most people don't use the toilet correctly, for the simple reason that toilets in the western hemisphere aren't actually designed to make eliminations as easy as they could be.

For that, you need a stool. And unlike your toilet, the TURBO™ Bathroom Toilet Stool is ideally crafted for its job.

Studies show that a squatting position on the toilet as vastly better and healthier than a simple sitting posture. But differing body types and leg lengths mean it's difficult to find a stool that suits everyone.

The TURBO™ Bathroom Toilet Stool, however, is slanted ergonomically, with grooves that allow you to anchor your feet lower or higher depending on your needs.

It's made of sturdy plastic that can accommodate pressure up to 350 pounds, and stores discreetly under the toilet after each use. It's even equipped with a rolling foot massager in the middle to help you de-stress and "let go," as it were.

The TURBO™ Bathroom Toilet Stool is already on sale for a full 40% off the MSRP, but you can take an additional 15% off the final price by using the holiday discount code MERRYSAVE15.