Bewildering optical illusion awarded best of the year

Watch Dual Axis and see if it you can make it move clockwise, counter-clockwise, and up and down in your head. Trippy, huh?

This mind-boggling optical illusion was recently awarded "Best Illusion of the Year" by the Neural Correlate Society, a nonprofit that "promotes research into the neural bases of perception and cognition."

Frank Force, a game developer in Austin, Texas is behind the visual trick which took him one day of coding in Javascript to complete. He told Motherboard, "I've worked on DOOM, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Psi-Ops, and Starhawk… Recently I have been doing a deep dive into tiny coding with JavaScript. It's a type of art where you write small programs that do interesting stuff… Think of it as a programming haiku."

Force has uploaded the code to Github and created an interactive demo to play with.