Spark a conversation with these retro kerosene lighters

We'll say this about smoking: The act of asking somebody for a light is a minor bonding ritual all its own — and a great chance to make a first impression.

And if it takes you a while to find a bon mot, don't sweat it: That's why they made these eye-catching throwback lighters.

They're made by the guys at TSHOMX, and there is clearly a lot of work put into each one. We'd classify them as retro, but even old favorites like the flip-top Zippo didn't have this much swagger or attention to detail. They're each made from brass, hand-forged with a variety of distinctive covers and accents.

Each one normally sells at retail for $99, but they are all nearly 25% off right now. Not only that, you can take an extra 15% off that final price by using the holiday coupon code MERRYSAVE15. Take your pick, and enjoy the attention. (Bear in mind that lighter fuel for these is sold separately.)

Handcrafted Brass Carved Lift Arm Kerosene Lighter

The cowhide cover on this one is classy, but we love the centerpiece. The intricate gearwork makes it the perfect accessory to your outfit at the steampunk cotillion.

Classic Lighter with Eagle Coin Sleeve

For something a little more understated, try this model in basic black. The centerpiece is an eagle coin, rustic but polished.

Brass Carved Flint Wheel Kerosene Lighter

Here's the same gearwork accent and cowhide cover with a different lighting mechanism. The striker is a flint wheel operation, perhaps more familiar to the Zippo crowd.

Crocodile Leather Kerosene Mini Douglass Lighter

Feeling dangerous? The crocodile leather pattern on this one radiates a bit of menace, and it's easier to grip. The windproof design makes it easier to light on patios (or on the range.)

Hawkeye Kerosene Lighter

Keep an extra "eye" out for smoke moochers with this one. It features a strategic slit in the cowhide leather that allows a cat's eye replica to do a little recon.