This electric toothbrush removes 10 times more plaque than traditional brushes

Tooth decay is no joke. As dentists are fond of telling you, you've only got one set. (Unless you're, like, 5.)

If you're tired of hearing that, maybe it's time to minimize those dental visits. This AquaSonic Vibe Toothbrush kit will go a long way toward showing you're serious about your teeth.

The brush itself is an impressive piece of engineering, able to vibrate at 40,000 strokes per minute. It also has timers that make sure you know how much time to spend on each zone of your teeth. And don't neglect those gums: The AquaSonic has separate modes that are perfect for massaging them at the end.

The result is three times less plaque on your gums and teeth than you'll find with other electric toothbrushes.

The brush is waterproof and the entire kit is portable. It includes eight interchangeable heads, plus a case with wireless charger.

The full kit is already down to $35.99 from the original retail price of $169.99, but you can take an extra 20% off the final cost by entering the coupon code 20SAVE20.