7 courses to turn you into a social media marketing expert in 2020

One of the first things marketers learn in today's wired world is that there's no direct path to potential clients. Big companies are learning to laser-target their pitches to customers on the platforms they like best.

There's no reason start-ups of any size can't do the same, and the Become a Social Media Manager Certification Bundle gives you the tools to do just that.

Each of the courses in this online package is tailored to a different sphere of social media, which (despite the changing landscape) is still a wide-open frontier for marketers.

You'll get walkthroughs on how to generate solid leads on LinkedIn, tailor your message to Instagram and Twitter and even grow your brand organically on a blog. Whether you're managing the campaign for a local business or a growing media empire, you'll find an invaluable roadmap here for navigating the world of social media.

All 7 courses in the Become a Social Media Manager Certification Bundle are now 97% off the retail price.

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