Save 15% on this truly wireless fast charging stand for your iPhone and Apple Watch

Charging your phone shouldn't be complicated. Wireless chargers are a definite improvement over those bulky and fragile cords, but compatibility can be an issue for some models.

There are some models out there that make the process hassle-free, though. Take the OMNIA Q2 True Wireless 2+1 Fast Charging Stand, which can not only charge Apple or Android phones equally well, but it can optimize the output to fit the phone as well.

True to its name, it can also support two devices at once. You can juice up an Apple Watch and most any compatible smartphone side by side, or even an Apple Watch and an AirPod case.

The MFi-certified charger supports 7.5W fast charging for Apple, and the max output is up to 10W. It can tweak that output depending on the phone that gets placed on it thanks to sensors that can also detect (and warn you) if a foreign object is resting on the unit. All devices benefit from overcharging and overheating protection. And at roughly 14 mm thick, you can take it just about anywhere.

The OMNIA Q2 is on sale now for a full 15% off the retail price.

Prices subject to change.

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