Storage bins tested by hurling them down flight of stairs

Wirecutter devised a brilliant testing regime for storage bins: load them full of crap, then chuck them down the stairs.

To find the best, we tossed 32 bins and totes down a flight of stairs, left them in the rain, and stuffed them full of books and blankets. We found seven for indoor and outdoor use that'll keep your stuff clean, dry, and easy to access. All of our recommended containers will stow your things safely and are easy to carry (or roll around)

They liked The Container Store's clear weathertite totes [] for basic household use and the Rubbermade Brute [Amazon] for heavy-duty storage. And I can personally vouch for the budget heavy-duty pick, Home Depot's HDX totes, because my garage is full of them. They crack easily when dropped (a fact Wirecutter confirms in its tests) but are so cheap. Wirecutter offers many other recos for different scenarios: camping, regular access, corpse storage, fabric zipper boxes, etc.

The Best Storage Containers []