Don't buy an inkjet printer from you-know-who. Get a cheap, basic Brother laser printer that won't betray you.

On this fine Cyber Monday, I see websites have recommendations for printers to buy. Many recommend a specific echelon of model from HP. I'm just here to tell you: no! Absolutely not.

Don't buy a printer that's a fragile, clattering, grinding pile of junk, and definitely don't buy one that expects you to subscribe to it, least of all from manufacturers famed for their thorough and enduring hatred of customers. Just get a basic Brother laser printer, upgrading to more capable models only if you need the features. If you absolutely need a color inkjet fork out for the Epson EcoTan ET-85001.

Sure, you could read thousands of words explaining Why You Should Trust Us or Our Rigorous Testing Regimen. I'm sure you could write an article about how the "just get a Brother laser printer" thing is mindless groupthink and that some other model is, actually, superior. But the existence of the Brother HL23598N72309539587103958, also available on every Facebook and Craigslist on the planet for fifty fucking dollars, obviates any need to read more than 200.

Brother HLL2305W [Amazon]

1. Artist? Photographer? Sublimation-curious? Research your needs thoroughly, far from the first pages of search results, before making a decision.